54" Wallmount Adjustable Baseline Basketball Hoop
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54″ Wallmount Adjustable

$1,499.00 inc GST

The GOALRILLA Wallmount Height Adjustable basketball goal features a 54″ x 36″, mid-sized backboard while offering the same 3′ (900mm) extension from wall to backboard and the full range of height adjustment offered in larger GOALRILLA basketball goals. The backboard play surface is made of steel-framed tempered glass, delivering a pro-game feel and consistent rebound, providing a lifetime of realistic and challenging play.

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Product Details

  • 54″ Steel framed Tempered Glass Backboard
  • Hangs 190mm From Wall
  • Pro-Flex Rim
  • Backboard Pads Included
  • Indoor or Outdoor


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