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What Makes Goalrilla Basketball Rings The #1 Selling In-Ground Systems in Australia and the USA?

  • A Lifetime Warranty Including The Glass
  • Height Adjustable- Dream Of Dunking? Now’s Your Chance
  • Rock Solid Anchor System- No Tipping Over During Heavy Play or Wild Weather. System Can Be Moved When You Move.
  • Stands The Test Of Time- Dupont Powder Coated All Steel Construction To Resist Weathering
  • Pro-Style Flex Rims For Arena Feel And Strength To Withstand The Toughest Of Play
  • Over 20 Years Of Innovating In-Ground Anchored Basketball Systems

Become The Best With Goalrilla Basketball Hoops

With tempered glass backboards, steel-welded frames, and rims that can take a pounding.  Your GOALRILLA goal is unyielding.  We continue to innovate and design the best basketball systems in the world.  We innovate, while others imitate.

Goalrilla provides basketball fans all over Australia with the highest quality rings available. Designed to withstand the harshest elements and the hardest dunks, you can expect more from our basketball hoops.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Call 1100 Dial Before You Dig to check for underground assets. Dig a hole 500 x 500 x 1000 deep.

Step 2

Pour you concrete to court level and insert provided rebar and anchor kit.


Step 3

After at least 72 hours of curing, assemble your system and raise it into position.


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  • The grandkids wanted a new basketball goal for use on our tennis court. The old on was 12 years old and although the pole was good the plywood backboard was soft and falling apart and you could not lower it. The tennis court builder recommended Goalrilla and he was spot on. My son and daughter played basketball as kids and this system has blown us away with its quality engineering and simplistic assembly. Would recommend to anyone as once you see the quality of these goals it is worth every bit of coin.


  • I wanted the 72 or 60 but the guy at Goalrilla recommended the 54 as we don't have a huge space. Thanks mate as this is just perfect. The kids love it and I cannot stop showing people how I you can do pull ups on it without it moving. It is seriously strong. The ball bouncing off the backboard is awesome and so solid. My neighbour is now ashamed of his (deleted) portable system and his kids refuse to play on it, sorry mate.


  • I admit that I never thought I would pay this much for a basketball ring, but I could not be happier. One of the best purchases I ever made. It is so solid and I have never enjoyed shooting and playing with the kids so much. It really is like having a stadium basketball ring in your driveway. The kids love it and the neighbours are over every day playing on it. I would give this 5 stars all around but can only give it a 4 for "improve my game" as it does not help me jump a half metre higher, but does make me feel 10 years younger!


  • This is a great system. I am a Dad with seven kids ages 30 yrs to 11 yrs. We have a great time playing. The family memories will remain long after I am gone. The glass backboard is quite heavy so have enough guys to assist you. The goal is solid and the backboard does not move like the models with the water base. This is a very good product.