Choose Your Backboard Size

  • 5 star rating  Great service, had all my questions answered straight away

    Brad Beseler Avatar Brad Beseler

    5 star rating  Took plenty of time to check out portable systems before deciding on the Goaliath 54. Glad we did. For a portable system it trumps all others. Especially the feel off the backboard and the look. The backboard is quiet and responsive and the build quality is way better than what we've had previously. My daughter is outside every day working on her game and is even out there shooting hoops as I write this review!

    David Hatch Avatar David Hatch

    5 star rating  Oh My Gosh !!! Perhaps one of the best decisions we made with the construction of our backyard !!! We looked around but decided that Goalrilla GS72C was going to be the only way to go and boy, we were right. From the impressive look the ring commands in our backyard to the endless baskets being shot by family and friends. We've had U18 boy basketballers hanging off it and it's extremely strong and durable.
    A space well utilised...oh, and a major hit with parties !!
    Don't look anywhere else - go straight for the Goalrilla Basketball system and you won't go wrong or be disappointed !!

    Maria Nicey Avatar Maria Nicey
  • 5 star rating  Top quality and detailed instructions for setup. Very sturdy in ground footing.

    Owen Beebe Avatar Owen Beebe

    5 star rating  we have owned 2 previous portable home basketball systems but they both got broken, the first as a result of falling over in strong winds and the second simply due to everyday use by 3 boys.
    after much research I decided to buy the Goalrilla 54" GoTek
    and my 3 sons have never been happier. It is extremely heavy and sturdy
    and has not fallen over even in 90kph winds. The instructions for putting it together were straighforward to use, and all the parts felt strong and well made. The backboard is solid and makes nice sound. The adjustable height system is very easy to use and allows for people of all ages to enjoy.
    highly recommended

    Carlos Cobelas Avatar Carlos Cobelas

    5 star rating  Can’t sing enough praises for this amazing GOALRILLA basketball system. The whole family and even guests use this every time they are over. Fantastic product A+++

    Jacqui Zupanic Avatar Jacqui Zupanic
  • 5 star rating  Since installing our Goalrilla system we have had many hours of great fun. We installed the regulation size DC72E1 model ourselves. The instructions were clear and it was easy to put together. Our kids are basketball fanatics and it has really improved their game being able to practice at home on the correct sized backboard. Also purchased the Yard Guard and can highly recommend it as it stops 99% of balls from getting away. Also being close to the coast it has handled the conditions well. Awesome product.

    David Ferris Avatar David Ferris

    2 star rating  Very impressed with our new Goalrilla basketball setup, much better than our previous setup. Recommend them.

    Nicole Spinks Avatar Nicole Spinks

    5 star rating  Having this ring in our back yard has been a dream come true... no longer have bored kids, but do have constantly bouncing ball noise. I definitely know which I prefer. Lol
    On serious note the purchase process and delivery was excellent and easy, well made set up will provide hour and hours od shooting practice.

    Gina Borg Ross Avatar Gina Borg Ross

    4 star rating  awesome and super strong! if youre not going to fill it (the portable one) with water make sure you buy some kind of counter weight!
    Bought 2 for a youth program and would definitely buy more!

    Riley Turner Avatar Riley Turner

    5 star rating  We've had the system 3 years - it get's a fair workout with 3 sons, 2 of whom can dunk and one who is playing state level b.ball, so using it everyday (together with their friends). It's been fantastic for training, and to get the boys off their devices. Only thing I have had to do in 3 years is retighten some of the bolts about 12 months ago. It's absolutely lived up to the marketing, and sooo much better than those portable systems that blow over in the weather, degrade in the sun, aren't adjustable, etc. I'm sure my boys would agree it's been the best joint Christmas present ever!

    Gary Thomas Avatar Gary Thomas

    5 star rating  THIS QUALITY IS UNREAL 😊👌 it is literally an indoor hoop outdoors, recommended to everyone I've ever balled with, SO SO HAPPY WITH MY NEW HOOPS 😄😄

    Michael Neve Avatar Michael Neve

    5 star rating  We've had the GS72c basketball ring system installed for almost 2yrs. It is an amazing ring, has held to weather and constant play. The action is solid and as close to stadium quality as you can get. Highly recommended.

    Mark Rathbone Avatar Mark Rathbone

    5 star rating  Brilliant system, great service, easy to install 🙂

    Kathryn Davis Avatar Kathryn Davis

What Makes Goalrilla Basketball Rings The #1 Selling In-Ground Systems in Australia and the USA?

  • A Lifetime Warranty Including The Glass
  • Height Adjustable- Dream Of Dunking? Now’s Your Chance
  • Rock Solid Anchor System- No Tipping Over During Heavy Play or Wild Weather. System Can Be Moved When You Move.
  • Stands The Test Of Time- Dupont Powder Coated All Steel Construction To Resist Weathering
  • Pro-Style Flex Rims For Arena Feel And Strength To Withstand The Toughest Of Play
  • Over 20 Years Of Innovating In-Ground Anchored Basketball Systems

Become The Best With Goalrilla Basketball Hoops

With tempered glass backboards, steel-welded frames, and rims that can take a pounding.  Your GOALRILLA goal is unyielding.  We continue to innovate and design the best basketball systems in the world.  We innovate, while others imitate.

Goalrilla provides basketball fans all over Australia with the highest quality rings available. Designed to withstand the harshest elements and the hardest dunks, you can expect more from our basketball hoops.

As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Call 1100 Dial Before You Dig to check for underground assets. Dig a hole 500 x 500 x 1000 deep.

Step 2

Pour you concrete to court level and insert provided rebar and anchor kit.


Step 3

After at least 72 hours of curing, assemble your system and raise it into position.


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